Empowering Families with Natural Remedies: How To Enhance Wellness and Vitality Naturally

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Supplements are just that, supplemental. Yes, I know, it would be so easy to take a pill, or a swig of this, or a dropperful of that, and instantly have vibrant health, but it doesn’t work that way.

When it comes to wellness and natural vitality for yourself and your family, the foundations are simple, and you’ve likely heard them many times before.

  • Consistent, quality sleep
  • Clean water and air
  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • Regular exercise
  • Fresh, colorful food and quality protein
  • Community and connection

Am I right that you’ve heard these before? But as the saying goes, “if knowing is all it takes, then we’d all be millionaires and have six packs.” The key is in the action. So after you read this, how about a walk around the neighborhood? Picking up the phone to call a friend? Playing tag with your kiddo outside? Or a delicious and nutritious meal?

Our kiddos learn what to eat, how to treat others, and so much more by what we model for them. So the more we take care of ourselves, the more innate it is for our kiddos to develop these good habits too.

Ok, so those are the foundations. But what about the environmental, physical and mental stressors today that we are bombarded with? This is where supplements come in, and they can be VERY helpful, but the foundations are needed first. Once you’ve established your baseline you can enhance your healthy lifestyle with supplements.

Enter nourishing herbs and adaptogens. My two favorite classes of herbs that I consume everyday. Want to know why?

Our soils are depleted of nutrients, so the foods grown in these soils are too. That’s one of the (many) reasons I love drinking a daily nourishing infusion for bioavailable vitamins and minerals, and why we source more than ⅔’s of our herbs from farms that grow not just organically, but also regeneratively. Regenerative agriculture focuses on the health of the soil/land and the ecosystem as a whole, increasing the nutritional content of their crops.

90% of the food in the grocery stores didn’t exist a generation or two ago. There are so many preservatives and chemicals in our foods now that our digestive system is confused and can’t keep up. The rise in chronic disease, autism, autoimmune diseases, and obesity in children has skyrocketed in the last 30 years. It’s doubtful our parents knew/know anyone their age with autism.

More than half of US drinking water has forever chemicals in it, and these are not limited by the EPA. What?? Ugh! This is why we only use reverse osmosis water in our products.

Nourishing herbs are the safest class of herbs and considered food because of their high vitamin and mineral content. There are a plethora of nourishing (nutritive) herbs, and they each have their own affinities for different systems of the body, and their own energetics. This topic will be a whole blog post, or few, on its own. We offer NettlesOatstraw and Red Raspberry Leaf.

Making an infusion to drink daily is a simple and easy way to get in more vitamins and minerals. I make a half gallon at night, and it’s ready in the morning for my water bottle. The leftovers go in the fridge so it’s already made and easy to drink the next few days.

Adaptogens are herbs that:

  • help the body handle stress better
  • support normal metabolic processes
  • restore balance

In short, they are incredible, and when I first learned about them I didn’t understand why everyone (including me) didn’t know about them and use them regularly.

So, I’ll ask you again how about that walk, or playing tag? And what’s for dinner tonight? Together we got this!

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