Natural Support for the Stomach Bug

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Seeing your little one sick is so hard as a mom. The stomach bug is brutal - on them and on you. So much laundry. Oof.

Below, I’ll cover some of my favorite remedies to have on hand for the stomach bug. I am all about being prepared, because that gives me so much peace of mind. 


Common symptoms of norovirus are:

  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pains
  • Diarrhea and gas

If you’ve had it, you know that it’s very contagious. It’s transmitted through direct contact with someone who has it. This can include handling or caring for someone with the virus, sharing food or drinks with them, or touching surfaces contaminated with the virus and then putting your hands in your mouth without washing them first. 


My protocol when dealing with the stomach bug is informed by my own experiences and my experiences helping my kids get through it. 

First and foremost, I simplify their foods. The BRAT diet, plus bone broth and hydration. If you’re not familiar with this acronym, it stands for:





I’ll layer additional remedies and adjust based on how my kids do with it. Often, I will:

  • Offer a small amount of homemade bone broth 
  • Give limited amounts of nettles, water, or nourishing mineral elixir with water to drink to promote hydration and replenish vitamins and other nutrients. 
  • Offer ice chips to suck on
  • Homemade gatorade (water, lemon, salt, raw honey)
  • Arsenicum Album as needed to relieve diarrhea, vomiting, and weakness (use code TASHAROSE*). Ollois is my homeopathic brand of choice. They plant, grow, and harvest their own medicinal plants, and are certified organic. Plus, they are lactose free. When my son had it last year, we gave him 3 pellets, 5 times a day until symptoms eased. This was about a day for us. 
  • Other homeopathy that can help with stomach bug symptoms are Nux Vomica and Carbo Vegetabilis. 

I always keep these 3 homeopathic pellets on hand because being prepared brings me so much peace of mind, and I want that for you too. My aim is always to empower you with knowledge and to be prepared.

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