How to Do Your First Coffee Enema, Part 2

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Everything you need to know to do your first coffee enema with confidence and ease. Remember, it’s not hard, it’s just new. Familiarize yourself with this information and then take action. Once you do your your first one, you’ll never look back and you will have this tool for life. Let's get started!

First, decide on your supplies:

  • The coffee: you want to choose clean coffee, so look for brands that are organic, tested and free from mold/mycotoxins and do not contain any flavors. Remember to always choose caffeinated coffee. You will then need to choose your roast. There are three types you can choose from that vary in potency: gold, light and medium. The lighter the roast the more potent it is. Therefore as a beginner, you will want to start with a medium roast.

  • Two brands I love: Purity coffee (which I always have on hand because I drink this) and Purelife Enema coffee (coffee made specifically for enemas). There are many others but this will get you started. 

  • The enema kit: the best kit to choose as a beginner is one that is affordable, non-toxic and clear. You perform an enema with two seperate holds. Therefore, having a clear enema container helps you see when to stop during your first hold, once the liquid gets to the halfway point. 

  • A brand I love: Happy Bum Co is a fantastic starter kit that checks all the boxes. Once you bring this practice into your life, you may consider purchasing a stainless steel bucket or glass container. These are more expensive and the stainless steel is not clear. 5% discount auto applied using the link. 

  • The water: one main reason for performing a coffee enema is to clear toxicity from the body. Therefore it is important to choose clean water for your enema when making the coffee solution, so you are not inadvertently introducing more toxins into the body. Ideally you choose distilled water, but if not make sure it is filtered and never tap water. 

  • Now let’s review how to prepare the coffee enema solution: 

    We will use the traditional boiling method vs a french press as it enables the beneficial compounds (palmitic acids) to be fully extracted from the coffee.

    How to → Bring 2 cups of distilled water to a boil in a large stockpot (the larger the better, as it boils up and can overflow when coffee is added). Add 3 tablespoons of freshly ground, caffeinated coffee once water is boiling. 

    Boil for about 3-5 minutes, then cover with a lid, and reduce to a simmer for 10 more minutes. Once this is done, turn off the heat. Strain out the grounds into a glass container (pro tip: using a nut milk bag eliminates all grounds). 

    Then add room temperature water to the concentrate (a lot of liquid will have evaporated), and bring the total solution to about 4.5 cups. 

    Finally, do a temperature test with your finger to make sure it is cooled completely to body temperature. It is very important this is not HOT so you don’t burn yourself!

    Now that you are prepared, it’s time to do the coffee enema:


    Gather all your supplies: 

    Follow these steps:

    1. Prepare the coffee enema solution (as noted above)
    2. While your coffee is boiling, create your space in the bathroom with a floor pillow/comforter, cover with an old towel. Keep your phone near for a timer.
    3. Return back to the kitchen to strain and get your coffee solution
    4. Bring the solution to the bathroom, hang your enema container 2-3ft off ground, make sure the clamp is closed, then pour the solution into the bag/bucket
    5. Next, prime the container to remove air pockets in tubing: Over the sink/toilet, open the clamp, let liquid flow until no bubbles remain in the tube. Close clamp.
    6. Remove clothing. Lubricate the tip of the enema tube and/or your anus with coconut oil. For a coffee enema, start by laying on your left side to take in the liquid and then turn to your right side. 
    7. Do the first hold. Unclamp the valve a notch or two and let the liquid begin to flow. Slow and steady can be helpful when you first begin vs a fully open clamp. Allow half the enema bag to empty, about 2 cups. Try to get as close to this as you can. But once you feel you are full, stop the flow. Try to retain it for 15 minutes. 
    8. Once the 15 minutes is up, release the solution into the toilet completely. Give yourself a few minutes to let it all come out in waves. 
    9. Do a second hold with the remaining two cups. Aim for 15 minutes, then release.
    10. Once finished, be sure to clean the equipment thoroughly. Options to use boiling water, hydrogen peroxide or castile soap. Clean all the parts. Then hang the equipment to dry so no mold can grow.
    11. Congratulations you just completed a coffee enema! 

    Coffee Enema Tips to Support Your Journey

    • Remember to always use caffeinated coffee, never decaf
    • If you feel sensitive to the caffeine, reduce the amount you use
    • Use the boil method vs french press to extract more detox benefits
    • Use the french press if you are short on time
    • Do 2 holds instead of 1 long hold
    • Hydrate before your enema
    • If there’s no urge to release, don’t panic - do a water enema
    • Always hydrate after - clean water with minerals/electrolytes 
    • Or choose to use fresh juices/coconut water
    • If you have trouble retaining, try OM chanting or humming to relax your body
    • Or add 1-2 tbsp of black strap molasses to help you retain longer
    • Or put your feet up the wall, change sides or breathe deeply
    • Start with medium roast coffee
    • Use daily for more intense healing power
    • Then move to every few days, weeks or months 
    • Always use body temperature liquid, never hot and never cold
    • If your water is too cold, you’ll have the urge to release too soon

    You are ready to take action. Will you be adding the coffee enema to your wellness toolbox? Let us know!

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    Jessica Yeager is a lifestyle and inner transformation mentor, for those on the healing journey. She emphasizes building a personal suite of healing tools so you can source solutions from within, and restore balance when your body speaks. Her background as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, culinary nutrition expert, and her own journey overcoming Ankylosing Spondylitis, has led to her mission: find within yourself, that which you are seeking outside yourself. You are the medicine.

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