Organic Dry Cough & Throat Syrup
Organic Dry Cough & Throat Syrup Elderberry Syrup Tasha Rose
Organic Dry Cough & Throat Syrup

Organic Dry Cough & Throat Syrup

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  • May soothe, coat & moisten sore or irritated throats
  • This product may help support the relief of dry, persistent, hacking, tickling coughs
  • Organic & demulcent marshmallow root, mullein, coltsfoot, and more herbs, plus raw honey
  • Immune system health support
  • Shop other products like our Organic Elderberry Syrup and Organic Congestion Relief Cough Syrup for more cold and sniffles support. Organic Victory Elixir provides daily support for immune system health.
  • Up to 48 kids servings per 4 fl oz bottle
  • You can find all the ingredients & see a description of how to use the product below

Kids age 1 & 2: 1/2 tsp up to 4x/day
Kids age 3+: 1 tsp up to 4x/day
Adults: 2 tsp up to 4x/day

More Information:
Store in a cool, dark place
Shake before using every time
Can be used alongside tea with raw honey & lemon for additional throat soothing, or even added to the cup of tea


Active Ingredients: marshmallow root*, coltsfoot*, mullein*, black elderberry*, comfrey root*, ginger*, clove*
Other Ingredients: reverse osmosis water, honey^, brandy, apple cider vinegar*^
*Organic, ^Raw

Made with love in the USA. We make all Tasha Rose products with USDA certified organic, and regenerative ingredients.


The Food & Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Helpful when my kiddos getting sick . Easy to take .

Miracle worker

I want to thank Tasha for creating this miracle worker. My daughter (under 3) started school on Jan 31st, the first week she got sick. It was too late to give her the elderberry, started to give her the congestion syrup. That worked great. Unfortunately she got sick again end of March but this time she tested for RSV. That cough is NASTY. Spent sleepless nights. This dry cough syrup worked miracles!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. It’s the only thing that helped her sleep at night. Of course i got RSV too and I also take it and it’s amazing (taste so good too!) I want to note that I have asthma and my doctor wanted me to take prednisone, I refused. Decided to just use my inhaler and dry cough syrup. I’m so happy I did!!!!!


This product doesn't compare with anything on the shelf. It's made with excellent ingredients and I can see the improvements on my kids on just one day on it. LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Bob Toabe
My throat loves it…and so delicious!

Tasha Roses’ Dry Cough Syrup is my go-to whenever I have any kind of cough, a tickle in my throat, a sore throat, hoarseness, etc…my throat loves it. Been using it for years. Always have some in my fridge.
…and so delicious!

Exactly what we needed!

My little one gets croup every time he gets a chest cold. We’ve tried just about everything to keep him from needing ER visits / steroids to clear it up in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, most cough syrups/medicines are geared toward congestion and not dryness. After chatting with Tasha I ordered this, victory elixir, and some homeopathic remedies she mentioned. Well, a month later My little one got croup… I gave him this regimen with the syrup as the main component. In one day it went away on its own!!!! This means everything to us as there is nothing much worse than having to rush your little one to the ER. Thank you Tasha!!