Organic Mood Support Tincture
Organic Mood Support Tincture
Organic Mood Support Tincture Mood Support Tincture Tasha Rose
Organic Mood Support Tincture
Organic Mood Support Tincture Mood Support Tincture Tasha Rose
Organic Mood Support Tincture

Organic Mood Support Tincture

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Mood support supplements help people get their mental health back on track the natural way, with plants. Just as you may use a vitamin to support your nutrition, an herbal supplement can promote the body's ability to balance stress, get better sleep, and produce more energy*.


  • Assists to nourish & promote optimal nervous system function*
  • Adaptogens may support resilience to stress, anxiety and overwhelm*
  • Chamomile, rose and lemon balm enhance relaxation*
  • Formulated for the hormonal shifts of pregnancy (prenatal) and postpartum, but suitable for teens and adults (female and male)

Take daily, or more as needed, in water
Adults: 1 dropperful (1 squeeze of the dropper bulb)

Active Ingredients: ashwagandha*, shatavari*, tulsi*, motherwort* lemon balm*, pink rose*, chamomile*, damiana*

Other Ingredients: 40% alcohol* and water


Contains alcohol
Store in a cool, dark place
Use within 2 years

Thinking that it might be time to get back to making your mental health a priority? Natural plant based supplements such as our mood support tincture can encourage people to feel calm & help you manage stress throughout the day without the side effects of medication*. Medical research also shows that dietary intake, or an herbal supplement, of vitamins, minerals and amino acids can support the body in optimal endocrine function which supports our mood.*

We make all Tasha Rose products in small batches in the US. Taking Tasha Rose products can be one part of a healthy lifestyle including whole foods, daily movement, and consistent quality sleep.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love the mood tincture

I’m taking the mood tincture postpartum
And it’s helping my mood swings so much!! I love that it’s natural and I can adjust the amount on what I need.

For the mamas

I bought this pre-pregnancy to help with the days my boys pushed me too far but I never ended up using it for whatever reason. Well, now I'm pregnant and I remembered I had it on a particularly hard day. Worked like a charm. I mix it with my nettles infusion!


Fantastic and effective... made with lots of love!

Giselle R.
Mood Support Tincture

I L O V E this product!! It is exactly what I need during these challenging times. It helps me stay centered and grounded!!

Isabelle E.
The best tincture ever

I would use individual herb tincture and came across Tasha’s recently. It’s a powerhouse concoction for postpartum mama’s and anyone seeking balance. Since taking this along with the nourishing mineral elixir— I’m feeling great!