Deep Sleep Spray
Deep Sleep Spray Aromatherapy Tasha Rose
Deep Sleep Spray

Deep Sleep Spray

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  • Use this deep sleep pillow spray to unwind and relax at bedtime
  • Made with a blend of classic lavender, calming chamomile & grounding vetiver essential oils
  • Spray your pillow, bed linens, and/or mist above your head at bedtime
  • Aromatherapy & essential oils help calm the mind and body as a natural sleep aid

We make our lavender sleep spray with only the best essential oil from doTERRA and purified (reverse osmosis) water.

My family uses this relaxing lavender pillow spray before naps and bedtime. Help guide your mental and overall health by using aromatherapy to get better sleep. Feel stress and anxiety melt away.


Each 2 oz amber glass bottle features a spray top.


doTERRA brand essential oil drops of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver, organic California Poppy extracted in 40% organic alcohol, reverse osmosis water

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