A Natural Approach to Childhood Wellness: Herbal Remedies for Common Illnesses

activated charcoal arsenicum album bone broth BRAT Diet elderberry syrup fire cider fish oil ginger tea homeopathy mint tea nourishing elixir victory elixir vitamin c vitamin d3 vitamin k2

One thing I remind myself of often is that kids are going to get sick, and in fact, they need to get sick. It's vital for the development of their immune systems so that their immune systems can grow into a robust and innately intelligent part of their body. 

Now, I know as a parent myself, that seeing my kids unable to breath through their nose, or sleep through the night because of a cough or cold is hard, really dang hard.

Our job as parents is to get our kiddos feeling better, faster. This is where I thrive. I love to see their sniffles and scratchy throats disappear in a day or two, rather than a week. It brings me such a sense of satisfaction to know I helped them feel better, faster.

If you’ve been around here for a bit, you know there’s certain things I ALWAYS keep on hand. As someone who experiences anxiety I feel so much more at ease knowing I have these in the house. Because what’s worse than hearing your kiddo sneeze a bunch of times and realizing you don’t have Elderberry Syrup in the fridge?


Victory Elixir

Fish Oil

Vitamin D3/K2



Elderberry Syrup

Cough Syrups

Fire Cider

Homeopathy - Aconite, Hepar Sulf, Pulsatilla, Spongia (discount code TASHAROSE)

On Guard & Breathe doTERRA blends 

Essential oil chest rub

Herbs to make tea (ginger, astragalus, licorice root, echinacea)


Throat spray


Vitamin C (20% off over $150)


Activated Charcoal

Arsenicum Album homeopathy (discount code TASHAROSE)

Bone Broth

Mint tea

Ginger tea

Nourishing Elixir w/water

Homemade gatorade (water, lemon, honey, salt, #TRgatorade for recipe on IG)

BRAT diet (banana, rice, apple, toast)

Ice chips


Tweezers to pull out stinger

Activated charcoal mixed w/ coconut oil covered with a bandaid to draw out venom

Apis Mellifica homeopathy (discount code TASHAROSE)

Histaminium Hydrochloricum homeopathy (discount code TASHAROSE)


BLDG active skin repair - clean version of neosporin


Did I miss something? What’s something you always have on hand that I didn’t mention? Let me know what I need to add.

I hope this helps you feel more prepared, and remember our kids are going to get sick. It’s vital that they do. Your job is to help them get better, faster, and we are here to help you with that!

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